Several Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)’s pastors have begun another round of Tunsuzebsa itinerant pastoral ministry in Hsin Yi Township, Nantou County on 20 April. Led by Rev Vava Manqoqo, pastor of Sinapalan Presbyterian Church from Bunun Ciubu Presbytery, this fleet of seven Bunun pastors and their family cycled along a 20-kilometre path in the mountains in central Taiwan, to minister to the tribal elderly, church members in need, and local churches along the way.

The Tunsuzebsa event was initially set up purely for exercise and recreation among pastors who were interested to cycle in the mountains. As they stopped to take breaks during their rides, it gradually evolved into a prayer and outreach ministry to the tribal elderly and the needy in villages, said by Rev Manqoqo. Many churches and people they’ve visited have been comforted, encouraged and inspired by their prayers and blessings, he said.