Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)’s Seamen’s/Fishermen’s Service Centre (SFSC) collaborated with Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labour to launch an urgent service, where medical masks and safety instructions on hygiene and social distancing were provided for an estimated 3,000 fishermen across the Southern harbours. With 77 squid jigging fishery vessels sailing back to southern Taiwan harbours earlier in May, this outreach effort was critical to protecting migrant fishermen and to mitigate the risk of a coronavirus outbreak, explained SFSC Director Rev Chen Wou-Zang.

PCT has also donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS), with the assistance of a CWM Partner-in-Mission (PIM) from PCT to PCS Rev Dr Li Hau Tiong. 500 of these medical gowns were delivered to All Saints Home, which provides eldercare services. PCT has also released an emergency donation to CrossReach, a care provider in Scotland, to increase digital capacity among its communities.