The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) and United Reformed Church (URC) will be holding a 100th anniversary online thanksgiving service on 6 March for Dr James Maxwell, the missionary doctor widely regarded as PCT’s founder.

In 1865, Dr Maxwell became the first missionary to be sent by the Presbyterian Church of England, now part of the URC, to Taiwan, then known as Formosa. During his six years in Taiwan as a pioneer in the practice of medicine and missionary work, he founded the Qiho Medical Clinic and the Fucheng Presbyterian Hospital, which later developed into the westernised Sin-Lau Hospital. He also established chapels in a number of places.

In recognition of Dr Maxwell’s contributions, PCT will work with the Tainan City Council in Taiwan to hold exhibitions, and a guided tour visiting places of significance in Dr Maxwell’s work. Also, they will name a park and public library after him, and produce a series of postage stamps.

In the UK, in addition to the service, the PCT will be refurbishing Dr Maxwell’s grave and commissioning a memorial plaque.

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