In an ecumenical advisory to its member churches after Fiji’s COVID-19 confirmation, PCC encouraged member churches to “review its role as God’s hands in society by ministering to, providing and caring for the poor, sick and the aged – those most at risk from COVID-19.” They were reminded that “this is an opportune time to generate the closeness of a Christ-like community by worshiping at home or in groups of less than 20, for what matters is that those who worship do so in spirit and in truth”.

The early church did not have at its disposal the options of mobile phones, computers, the internet and live streaming, and they worshipped in homes – the equivalent of cell groups today. Therefore, church ministers and leaders today can and should find innovative ways for people to gather and worship electronically, and radio and television stations may provide their broadcast facilities to send liturgical celebrations into homes through radio and television as a social service.