Following Fiji’s first COVID-19 confirmed case in March, some churches took immediate action to limit human-to-human contact, especially in the distribution of the Eucharist. Later on, Fiji prohibited the gathering of more than 20 people at any one time across the nation, which meant that church services, prayer meetings and Mass can no longer be held. The Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), which many CWM’s member churches in the Pacific region belong to, shared links to live-stream worship by several Christian denominations, to provide believers with alternative means of worship, prayer and to celebrate life.

Holding fast to Christian principle to “love God and neighbour as we love ourselves”, they affirmed their commitment to “protecting their (our) neighbour by not attending church”. PCC also acknowledged and urged member churches to continue taking proactive measures which include personal hygiene, and encourage other faith communities to join the movement to do likewise.