The first seeds for the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) Food Bank was planted in Suva, Fiji towards the end of April, situated in direct view of the central Government offices and buildings which housed many of the United Nations’ programmes, said PCC General Secretary Rev James Bhagwan. Designed using the concept of crops planted in a secure manner to provide for those who are the most in need, the harvested food will be offered for free at a roadside stall. Some of the crops will be distributed to informal squatter settlements, homes for the destitute and aged care facilities.

“Hopefully this project will encourage people to make use of land which is idle, bring fresh, healthy food into diets, reduce the reliance on imports and allow islanders to get in touch with the soil and creation,” Rev Bhagwan said. The Tongan and Vanuatu national councils of churches have asked for support to form similar food banks and money will be sent to facilitate these requests, he added.