The CWM staff were pleased to host Rev DC Haia, the new CWM Moderator, on his first visit in office to Singapore.  In three days of meetings, the Moderator began to familiarize himself with CWM’s programme and practices in anticipation of the new Board meeting in October.  Meeting the staff, the Moderator, reminded us of his own vocation as a village pastor in Meghalaya, at one and at work amongst the people, Rev Haia spoke movingly and hopefully of mission which seeks fullness of life through Christ.  His own church, Presbyterian Church of India, is amongst the fastest growing in the CWM family and provides CWM with nearly 50% of our Partners in Mission around the world.  Passion for the word of God is also clear in CWM’s new Moderator, who has personally translated the Bible twice into local languages of NE India. This is the experience and vision he brings to CWM as Moderator and called on the staff and the member churches to be diligent in our calling to be missional congregations.  “If we stay committed”, he said, “we can put into action God’s promise in a broken world”.