Our History

PCS was set up by missionaries sent by the London Missionary Society to Singapore some time in the 18th century to spread the Gospel to immigrants from China. In 1966, the Synod joined the World Alliance of Reformed Churches as her 101st member and was renamed the Presbyterian Church in Singapore-Malaysia.

In 1975, following the separation of Singapore and Malaysia and in view of political, geographical and church administrative factors, the Synod was formally separated into the Presbyterian Church in Malaysia and the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.

The Church continued to grow from there on and in 1993, with the increased number of English churches, the Chinese Presbytery and English Presbytery were separately formed.

As PCS was set up by the London Mission Society, we are naturally closely affiliated with CWM.

GPM is the CWM member churches we have the most active partnerships with.

Mission Programmes/Ministries of the Church

Bringing the Gospel to nearby countries in the region where Islam and Buddhism are practiced by the majority of the population. These countries include Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia.

We have set up six churches in Cambodia and have also helped them set up the Synod in Cambodia. We also assisted to rebuild five church buildings which were destroyed by the earthquake in Nepal.

Due to local political factors, the evangelical platform in these countries are mainly through the provision of English courses and providing community services which include medical services to reach out to the local population, including children and youths.

Some of our member churches also have programmes to help foreign workers integrate with the  local society in Singapore and raise awareness of workplace safety. We also organize welfare programmes such as conducting English courses to enable them to read and understand basic and functional English so that they are able to understand safety signages in their work places. Churches also provide activities during their rest days to meet their social needs.

Many of our member churches also provide programmes in their respective communities to serve the various age groups. These include kindergartens, childcare centres and home for the elderly.

Future Plans

 We plan to strengthen the programmes which will help the Vulnerable Groups in our society, such as elderly living alone, abandoned children and people with disabilities etc, not forgetting the thousands of migrant workers in our midst. This involves the setting up of more family service centres and migrant workers’ ministries. The challenges we face include high rental and labour costs to run these family service centres. We pray that God will provide the sufficient resources and committed volunteers, leading us to accomplish these missions for His Glory.