Indian Christian Collective for Justice (ICCJ) has issued a statement urging churches to take concrete action against corruption and abuse of power in churches following the recent arrest of former Church of North India (CNI) Moderator Rt. Rev. P C Singh for alleged graft. In the statement, they condemned the insatiable greed of leaders for power and wealth, and revealed that stories of misappropriation, mismanagement, election malpractices, and extortion for jobs are now emerging from other churches and institutions.

With churches plagued by “moral and spiritual bankruptcy” and “total disregard for institutional norms”, they appealed to churches to repent of indifference, silence, and glorification of power, and answer God’s call to become a people and community of hope that resists injustice, and upholds the dignity and rights of the downtrodden.

Commending the commitment of those who have affirmed their prophetic discipleship by courageously raising their voices to speak truth to power, they noted the “naïve” silencing of these dissenting voices by those claiming to protect the public image of Christians and the Church in a hostile political environment.

In concluding, they beseeched Christians to take “prompt and unequivocal action” to cement their resolve to be true to the gospel imperative to root out injustice and abuse of churches and recover their collective credibility.

Dated 7 October 2022

About ICCJ

The Indian Christian Collective for Justice is a space for people who dare to speak truth to powers, resist injustice and abuse of power. The members work collaboratively to explore new meanings and expressions of being church in India. It is an open and inclusive space for activists, youth, academics, writers, artists, theologians, church workers and all who are committed to explore inclusive, non-hierarchical, and people- based expressions of Christian presence. ICCJ engages in actions that are rooted in justice and compassion committed to the vision of a transformed world.