A catastrophic food crisis in Southern Madagascar which faced its worst drought in 40 years, has pushed over a million people to starvation. Since September 2020, Madagascar has been trapped in the worst drought it has experienced in 40 years.

Money for Madagascar (MfM), the UK-based charity that administers the money raised by the Union of Welsh Independents (UWI) for the Madagascar Appeal, recently managed to secure funding to supply hot meals for children in several schools in Madagascar. This scheme will include two of the projects supported by the UWI’s Madagascar Appeal.

During its Bicentenary Appeal 2018-2019, UWI had raised over £156,000 to support several projects in Madagascar, an island where two Welsh missionaries were sent by the London Missionary Society (LMS) over 200 years ago. To date, MfM has delivered over £20,000, and is seeking famine aid to continue providing nutritious meals daily to all 650 children in 2 primary schools in Amboasary Sud.

For more information and to donate, please visit https://moneyformadagascar.org/famine-appeal/

MfM’s famine feeding programme is run in partnership with ALT MG (Andry Lalana Toahana), a reputable Malagasy NGO who has run food security, education and emergency feeding projects in the South for over a decade.