In today’s digital age, we receive a massive volume of information transmitted instantly to our phones, be it critical world news, or ordinary video clips of everyday life from our relatives and friends. The vast amount of information delivered instantaneously to mobile phones has inevitably shaped perceptions of current social situations, even for Christians, said Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC) General Secretary Rev. Wong Ka Fai in his recent message. Rev. Wong cautioned that unless Christians are willing to make time daily for diligent Bible study and focused prayer, their understanding and perception of what is happening in the society will also be heavily influenced by the direction of the world.

Starting from the new church year, all HKCCCC pastors and missionaries have begun following a daily lectionary, sharing information and their reflections on Bible passages in video format. It is hoped that HKCCCC church members, ministry workers and affiliated school teachers and students will watch, be enlightened by, and share these videos:

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