Anti-extradition conflicts since June 2019, coupled with the COVID-19 epidemic, have beset most sectors of the Hong Kong community, bringing about challenges ranging from health, livelihood, unemployment, the slowing economy to political controversies.

In a recent letter to the churches, Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China (HKCCCC) Rev Dr So Eric acknowledged that “while many people are struggling with the impact of this predicament, some Christian organisations which receive government’s subvention are relatedly stable.” Most of their services can operate as usual without closures, wage cuts and or retrenchment.

However, Rev Dr So reminded them of their “significant responsibility” to discern how to journey alongside the people of Hong Kong and to be servants of God’s love during this difficult period of time. He voiced his belief that the country can be strengthened by God’s faith, hope and love, as biblical teachings inspire them to persevere, imbue them with hope, and empower them to be transformed from self-centeredness to mutual care.

He concluded with an invitation “to all the Hong Kong Christians to affirm the spirit of the Christian emblem of a vessel with the cross of Jesus encountering a restless sea” to be reminded of the faith, hope and love we have to walk together with the Hong Kong people towards a bright future.”

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