Funafuti, an atoll and the capital of Tuvalu where Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu (EKT)’s headquarters is located, has been more vulnerable to the pandemic as it is the main hub where people arriving or departing from Tuvalu make their first landing. Its position near the equator has also made it susceptible to tropical cyclones and other climate events such as droughts.

Clean water – especially for hand washing during the pandemic – is thus high on EKT’s priority list, a need that was met by the CWM Gift of Grace grant last year. The grant enabled EKT to purchase ten additional water tanks, which provided sufficient clean water to all EKT personnel, support staff, and their families who resided on Funafuti. It also freed up their budget to meet other shortages, during a time when other NGOs had yet to respond with pandemic-related funding.