This is a special and significant moment for CWM’s DARE forum as we move to a virtual platform to connect with daring and discerning minds from all over the world. Taking the COVID-19 as an opportunity to reflect on the ‘normal’ assumptions and practices of theology, mission and ministry, eDARE 2020 will unpack not only the pandemic’s impact, but also the different ways our responses will (re)shape, affirm and challenge our God-talk.

Sharing her views and her God-talk, Mrs Taneka Caldeira from Guyana Congregational Union (GCU) talks about trusting God during the pandemic and how she’s learnt to embrace the challenges in this week’s video update:

“Some say that the pandemic can be viewed as a warning to humanity against our sinfulness. But what kind of godly action fails to discriminate between the innocents and the guilty? How do we do mission in the midst of pandemic?” were some questions Karen Campbell of United Reformed Church (URC) wrestled with in her heartfelt reflection on death and the pandemic:

In her poem, Rev Karen Georgia Thompson bids you come – “sit in the valley, come sit in the shadow of death”, a peek into her poetic benedictions in the upcoming eDARE seminars:

Join us as we hear voices from around the world navigate these difficult issues and more. It’s not too late to register for eDARE webinars happening 30 Oct – 1 Nov, reserve your space now: