Join Alex Clare Young, Anna Perkins and Mary Zulu-Mwiche, and many more activists, artists, pastors, poets, scholars to interrogate, reimagine, and (re)embrace Liberation Theologies and Liberation Hermeneutics (LT&H) for this year’s eDARE webinars on October 24, 26 & 28.

Take a sneak peek of their presentations:

  • Reimagining Gender Transition as a Journey Towards Delight. Alex Clare Young provides their personal insights as a transmasculine non-binary person and theologian and the key findings from interviews with trans and non-binary colleagues.
  • Seh Yuh Sorry!: Forgiveness and Emancipation in light of the Royals’ Visit to Jamaica. Anna Perkin offers a critique of the recent controversial visit of the British royals to the Caribbean isles.
  • When Education is the oppressor; Church in Zambia’s Education system is steeped in a Capitalist Colonialism. Mary Zulu-Mwiche exposes how education can captivate and colonise minds, and critiques those with ‘power’ who seek to control and perpetuate their authority over nations and peoples.

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Dated 14 October 2022