Council for World Mission (CWM) once again presents eDARE: a virtual event where theologians, pastors, poets, artists, and activists come together to reflect and present their insights on the challenges and opportunities for life. This year, eDARE 2021 aims to be a steppingstone in CWM’s turn toward the theme ‘Rise to Life: Confessing witness to life-flourishing communities”, as well as an opportunity to critically engage with current forms of Public Theology.

Against isolation(ism) and lockdown cultures, which are daily food for supremacist ideologies, eDARE 2021 is a platform for doing theology in public spaces where we:

  • reaffirm CWM’s commitment to “chant down Babylon” in order to allow all life to flourish;
  • invite church and community agents, biblical critics and theologians, to practice and perform our trades in public spaces; and
  • rise up together and kindle justice in the midst of the agonies of current endemics.

More details will be made available at Stay tuned!