Did you miss out on the riveting eDARE (Discernment and Radical Engagement) 2021 webinars last October? Or do you want to catch the sessions all over again?

Last October 2021, Council for World Mission (CWM) hosted eDARE: a virtual event where theologians, pastors, poets, artists, and activists came together to reflect and present their insights on the challenges and opportunities for life. eDARE 2021’s theme “Rise to Life: Confessing witness to life-flourishing communities”, was an opportunity to critically engage with current forms of Public Theology.

Watch the three sessions from day 3 of the eDARE seminar here:

Day 3 Session 1:

  • Wanda Deifelt, “We Are Only Temporarily Abled: Rising to Life with Disability”
  • Karl James Villarmea, “‘Touch Me Not’: A Queer Theological Ethics of Touch in the Infectious Time of Covid19”
  • Jasmine Devadason, “Quest for Life: A Postcolonial Dalit Feminist Reading of Qoheleth”
  • Chad Rimmer, “What the child knows” (Poem)


Day 3 Session 2:

  • Raj Bharat Patta, “Brit(ish) Public Liberation Theology: An Im(migrant’s) Proposal”
  • Stephen Lim, “Does the Wind Speak? An Aeolian Listening to Ruach in Exodus 1–18 with Fairoz Ahmad’s Interpreter of Winds (2019)
  • Tat-siong Benny Liew, “‘The Lord Needs Them’: Reading Matthew’s Beasts and the Sovereign Christ”
  • Aruna Gogulamanda, “This is my Country” (read by Jione Havea)


Day 3 Session 3:

  • Shiju Sam Varughese, “Technology, caste-bodies and Labour: Thinking with Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on Inoperativity”
  • Iljoon Park, “Political Theology of Inter-carnation: Being-human in the brilliant development of science and technology”
  • Immanuel Karunakaran, “Rising to Life from the cross of lynching” (Art Presentation)
  • Anna Jane Lagi, “You don’t have to know my name” (Poem)


For more information about the panelists you may refer to our eDARE website.