Did you miss out on the riveting eDARE (Discernment and Radical Engagement) 2021 webinars last October? Or do you want to catch the sessions all over again?

Last October 2021, Council for World Mission (CWM) hosted eDARE: a virtual event where theologians, pastors, poets, artists, and activists came together to reflect and present their insights on the challenges and opportunities for life. eDARE 2021’s theme “Rise to Life: Confessing witness to life-flourishing communities”, was an opportunity to critically engage with current forms of Public Theology.

Watch the three sessions from day two of the eDARE seminar here:

Session 1

John Robert Lee, “Uprising” (poem)
Gerald O. West, “Translating Leviathan, doing people’s theology as prophetic public theology, from below”
Anna Kasafi Perkins, “RastafarI and domestic labour: Menstrual Taboos and Western Inequality”
Jeong, Dong Hyeon, “Resisting the Economic Shitstem: A Filipino-Korean Postcolonial Reading of Luke 16:1–13 with Mel Chen’s Animacies Theory”
Emmanuel Garibay (Art Presentation)

Session 2

Chad Rimmer, “Strong” (poem)
Mutale Mulenga-Kaunda, “Zambian Pentecostal women’s critique of Rev Sumaili’s use of the Bible in the Public Spaces”
Brian Kolia & Jione Havea, “Uncovering Malie in the Bible: Humouring in Public Spaces”
Ericka Shawndricka Dunbar, “Rising to Life: A Syrophoenician Woman Invites Jesus to Do Public Theology”

Session 3

Peter Cruchley, “Deposing ‘Massa Jesus’: ‘Magnificat’ moments amongst a colonial mission archive”
Su-Chi Lin, “Aboriginal Mural to Lily Cross: Social Practice in Contemporary Asian Church”
Malia Vaurasi (Art Presentation)
John Robert Lee (Poem)

For more information about the panelists you may refer to our eDARE website.