Former General Secretary of Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) Rev. Changbae Byun and Rev. Hyun-shin Joo have visited the Council for World Mission (CWM) office in Singapore to present a symbolic cross following CWM’s previous General Assembly in Jeju Island, Korea in 2016.

Rev. Byun, a former CWM Director, spoke about how the cross – made of volcanic stone in Jeju, displayed on a stand made of cedar wood from a natural monument – represents an Assembly 2016 sub-theme “Healing the Broken Body, Hope for Renewal”, to be passed on to the next CWM General Assembly.

“This cross also embodies the suffering of those who perished in the Jeju Uprising and Massacre in 3 April 1948 due to conflict of ideology,” said Rev. Byun, who shared that a similar cross is found in Dorim Presbyterian Church’s museum of crosses.

CWM General Secretary Rev. Dr Jooseop Keum said, “We received the cross from 2016 with appreciation, as a sign of the missional pilgrimage from our last Assembly in Jeju to our next Assembly, which will be held physically in 2024.”

Dated 15 November 2022