CWM Pacific will be holding its Youth Initiative on the theme “Rising to Life with Jesus” – from 20-21 December this year. Through this webinar, two youths from each Pacific member church will explore how Christians can envision a life flourishing with possibilities and abundance.

In response to the groanings of this age, CWM commits itself and calls upon its member churches and the wider ecumenical community to engage in radical discipleship, as expression of faith and witness to enable Life-Flourishing Communities.

In the Pacific, an abundant life is full of relationships, peace, and riches from the sea and land. Life flourishing is about a spirit, free to roam and imagine, unbound by any doctrine, creed, culture, and law. This webinar is a space for the 20 participants to explore this spirit when speaking about their selected topic. For example, this drawing from Maohi Nui depicts a free spirit breaking away from a dive that could have taken life down with it.

Also, the event provides a forum for participants to imagine and articulate a Pacific or a world of life-flourishing by producing works of art to share with one another, and eventually, the world. The collection of Pacific artwork has begun at different levels, and this event presents an opportunity to extend this collection to youths in the Pacific churches.

They are invited to tell their stories through drawings (with a short explanation), poems, and songs, chants to be recorded. An example is this poem by Dan Lin and Kathy Jetn Kijiner from the Marshall Islands about death-dealing systems such as nuclear testing.

The participants will also hear from two speakers who have been prolific in creatively putting words and thoughts into art.

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