Ten young people from member churches of Council for World Mission spent seven month-long intensive Training in Mission in four different countries this year. The Programme aims to provide a new practical and radical understanding of what witnessing to Christ means in our world today and they are expected to be seen as living expressions of CWM’s understanding of partnership in mission.

The Graduation Ceremony will take place in Taipei on 28th November, 2017 at 11.30 AM. Rev. Dr. Colin Cowan, General Secretary, CWM will be delivering the Valedictory Address and later handover the Certificates. Rev.Tan Beng-chi, Moderator of Presbyterian Church of Taiwan and other dignitaries will grace the occasion.

“As participants of the Training in Mission (TIM) Programme, we are constantly challenged to explore how mission is possible within the brooding context of today’s empires. One of the keys in doing so is by listening to the unheard voices and to recognize the struggles of the marginalized,” explained one of the participants.

TIM, established in 1981, is the longest running Programme of its kind and this year marks a significant shift from a regular training programme, it is now converted into Diploma in Mission Studies under the Trinity Methodist Theological College in Auckland, New Zealand.

This is the first batch of qualified participants and graduates of the TIM Programme to receive the Diploma Mission Studies at the end of the Programme. The shift aims to provide CWM and its member churches with individuals who have the knowledge and skills to manage and lead a wide range of mission roles. It is also expected that graduates will possess qualification which recognises applied leadership skills in mission and education to enhance employment opportunities or to work in a voluntary capacity.  CWM’s member churches will benefit by having qualified individuals with the knowledge and skills to successfully lead areas of responsibility in a wide range of Christian mission roles.  Prior to this, in its final week Sudipta Singh, CWM Mission Secretary for Research and Capacity Development was in Taiwan to facilitate the Participants’ Final Evaluation held held on 24 to 25 November.