As a way to further explore Mission in the context of Empire, CWM Mission Development has produced a series of reflections on ‘stations of the resurrection’ as we explore what the appearances of the risen Lord suggest about life beyond Empire. We find in many of these texts the call to create a community with a way of life quite counter to the norms, appetites and claims of Empire.

This is apparent for the contemporaries of Jesus under the Roman Empire. But also, for us who live in an Empire of a different sort, where financial, economic, political, social, military and religious power connects across a number of geographies to operate a system in which the rich and powerful profit to extremes because the poor and the planet are exploited to extremes. This Empire, like Rome before it, claims to be the means to peace and prosperity without alternative and resists all rival claims and alternative visions of the world, power and truth.

Yet, there is another world, just as there is another way, and we glimpse them as real moments with Jesus in biblical texts highlighted in this set of Easter reflections.

Click here to download: Council for World Mission Easter Reflections – The Dominion of Death is Overcome.