Is Christian non-conformity a thing of the past? Congregational Federation (CF)’s launch of its first Spring School next March will address this question, especially with many people in society surprised that there still is an active Congregational Federation presence in the UK.

Aiming to encourage and challenge Christian non-conformists to play a larger part in the public life of the UK today, participants will explore distinctive values, perspectives and principles, reminding themselves of the call to radical discipleship under Jesus. They will explore elements of a Christian non-conformist voice in public life, and cover topics such as “challenging ‘empire’ is a non-conformist church’s responsibility” and “reading the Bible as non-conformists”.

Join the Spring School from 11-13 March 2022, in Nottingham for a weekend of inspirational fellowship, interactive workshop sessions and more, led by experienced scholar-practitioners.

For more information and to sign up, please visit