Congregational Federation (CF) and United Reformed Church (URC) are members of Churches Together in England (CTE), whose presidents have issued a statement exhorting churches to embark on the journey of racial justice, with self-reflection and concrete action within their churches and in society. Having listened to experiences of racism including micro aggression in the society, they recognised the racism that blights churches, and expressed their commitment to action to effect real change. One example of ensuring fair practices is scrutinising and avoiding potential discrimination in making church appointments, whether it is done consciously or unconsciously.

Concerned about the relationship between the black community and the criminal justice system, the Presidents said that they will be facilitating conversations between young black people and senior member of police service, as well as engaging the Home Office and Ministry of Justice.

At the same time, they encouraged churches to “build trust and improve accountability between black communities, the police, civic bodies and wider community group”, and for church leaders to bring about “more inclusive ecumenical leadership” by reaching out to their black colleagues absent from their ranks. In doing so, it is hoped that spaces will be created for authority figures to listen to powerful testimonies of young people of colour as a step towards social cohesion.