Earlier this year, Dorcas Tailoring Training Centre at St. John’s (CSI) Church, Pondicherry was officially opened for community development and empowerment, especially for vulnerable women and the transgender population.

This Centre was started by the vision and the help of Rt. Rev. Dr. J. George Stephen, Bishop in Madras Diocese and Bishop Amma Mrs. N. Yamuna, and is “a missional attempt to redeem the lost, recognise the least and restore the last”.  The opening ceremony in February was participated by the Department of Mission and Evangelism, Church of South India (CSI) Synod and the Board for Mission and Evangelism, CSI Madras Diocese.

Towards an eco-friendly world: CSI green sermons and children’s performances

Through recorded songs, dances and activities, children of CSI have expressed their desire for an eco-friendly world. These performances have been captured in this digital bulletin of the CSI Department of Ecological Concerns, which also feature ten-minute “green sermons” by various representatives of CSI dioceses and organisations. Download through this link: https://archive.cwmission.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/CSI-Ecology-Bulletin-March2021.pdf