Church of South India (CSI) General Secretary C. Fernandas Rathina Raja has exhorted church members to work towards unity and compassion in his message in a recent issue of CSI Life. In the editorial, he wrote about moving forward towards a fuller communion of faith and love, with respect for legitimate theological and liturgical variety.

Emphasising the need for unity and the need to commit themselves to work tirelessly for it, he said: “Our ability to initiate steps to build unity depends on one’s witness and its fruitfulness. We should find areas of unity and initiate sincere efforts to translate them into actions, especially for the vulnerable.”

The CSI General Secretary also called on them to be compassionate and have empathy on others and their needs, recalling the occasions when they needed compassion from others. Knowing that compassion is woven into the fabric of Christianity and that the Lord’s heart is for those in need, he urged them to re-commit themselves to be His instruments in alleviating the pain of those in distress.