Church of South India (CSI) has launched the “Always Remember Missionaries (ARM)-AMEN Movement 2020”, a specific missional call to all congregations to support and encourage the missionaries and evangelists unceasingly. The movement serves as a new mission-praxis model to address missional challenges, and an invitation to congregations to mobilise resources for others’ wellbeing without discrimination.

Mission and evangelism are key priorities of the Church, and CSI has many of its dedicated missionaries and evangelists serving the under-privileged in their respective CSI dioceses. Even though COVID-19 has presently affected the dioceses’ abilities to meet its basic requirements, CSI recognises the critical role of missionaries in embodying the gospel and being an agent of transformation at the grassroots level.

Through the ARM-AMEN Movement, CSI Department of Mission and Evangelism is extending care through COVID relief food kits to its missionaries and evangelists. These food kits which contain grocery items have been distributed to the Missionaries of Global Mission Society in Thoothukudi-Nazareth Diocese in late October.

CSI Tiruchirapalli – Thajavur Diocesan Annual Youth Conference themed “Hope for Good” (1 Timothy 6:11-12) was held at Bishop Heber College, Trichy in late October as well. The challenges posed by the pandemic were met by following safety protocols strictly, limiting the number of participants from each pastorate, and arranging for private transport and protective face coverings for all participants. Guest speakers shared thought-provoking and contextual messages, aiming to nurture young minds into developing into responsible people and actively work towards the development of the church. The conference’s highlights included a debate on being supportive of youths’ faith journey, competitions on Bible quiz, worship and other activities.