Christmas this year will be very different from past Christmases, however, it can be made memorable by focusing on the spirit of Christmas rather than the celebrations, said Church of North India (CNI) Moderator Most Revd. Dr. Prem Chand Singh. In the CNI Moderator’s message in December, he urged churches to re-discover the real meaning of Christmas; observe Christmas in a simple way; and to share the joy of Christmas with those who are less privileged among them.

When we reflect on the first Christmas, we can see that it was only the heavenly message brought by the angels which was different in nature; all the rest were stories of pain, suffering and oppression. The people of God were under the oppressive rule of the Romans. Pharisees used religion to oppress people with literal observances and rituals. Almost for four hundred years, there were no prophets to guide them in the light of God. Joseph travelled with his pregnant wife Mary in the dusty roads from Nazareth to Bethlehem, 100 miles, only to be rejected,” wrote the Moderator. Click here to read his full message: