CWM’s Mission Support Programme (MSP) accompanies member churches in developing missional congregations where fullness of life and hope are experienced and lived in community. All three Bishops and 28 Priests of Church of Bangladesh (COB) were present at the MSP-4 Evaluation Report Sharing session held at Savar, Dhaka on 10 – 11 March. Paul N. Das shared the evaluation report with the participants on behalf of the project as its Evaluator, and a one-day planning session for the year ahead was facilitated by Paul S. Malakar.

To transform congregations and equip leaders with renewed knowledge, skills and tools, they had conducted activities such as training of trainers with 170 representatives from six Deaneries; a combined workshop to develop training modules and developing curriculum and supporting materials for COB’s Sunday School.

Last November, the Barisal Diocese of COB and Roman Catholic Diocese of Barisal organised an inter-faith dialogue for 100 participants which received local media coverage. Chaired by Rt Rev Shourabh Pholia, Deputy Moderator of COB, the theme of the dialogue was on living together in peace and harmony in the community, and keynote papers were presented by Rt Rev Lawrence S. Howlader, Mufti Mowlana Dr M. A. Salam and Professor Bipul Bihari Halder.