Church of Bangladesh (COB) is involved in several COVID19 relief efforts through its various ministries in response to the devastation and suffering the pandemic has caused.

SHALOM, a development organisation of COB, distributed leaflets about how the coronavirus spreads and how to maintain social distancing, and screened a video documentary to help gain awareness among beneficiaries in the community. To develop more frequent handwashing practice and stem community transmission, SHALOM installed 20 handwash plants in key public places such as fish and vegetable markets and hospitals. Hand sanitisers, soap and masks were given out, together with instructions on how to practise effective handwashing and maintain social distancing in the community.

In addition, 500 food packages have been distributed among vulnerable families whose livelihoods have been severely impacted.

Similar projects have also been undertaken by the Christian Ministry to Children and Youth (CMCY), after its residential hostels, vocational training centres and daycare centres serving 3,500 children and families were closed during the lockdown. In collaboration with the Compassion International Bangladesh (CIB), food packages and cash gifts were given to 2,300 children, as preparation for school examinations have been disrupted. A taka 2000 (2.30 USD) cash relief was gifted to children in another project facilitated by church leaders, committee members and local priests.