Update (20 March): The deadline for submission of papers has been extended to 14 April due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discernment and radical engagement (DARE) are at the heart of the mission that makes CWM what it is. Through DARE, CWM partners with committed and creative thinker-practitioners of our time, signaling to ourselves and to the world, that our loyalty is to the God of life who calls us to take on the life-giving mission for which Jesus lived and died.

The 2020 Global DARE Global Forum invites people of faith and of the circle of life, activists and scholars of all religions and of all movements for life, to rise up and chant down the systemic powers that hold others back from rising up to life.

How so? Imagine a singing group tapping towards radical discipleship: there will be seven “sides” (topics) covered at DARE 2020, happening between October 30 – November 3 in Accra, Ghana.

If you wish to join in, propose a presentation in which you begin from one of these “sides”, and then follow the spirit of transectionality:

Earth and Underground
Class and Caste
Racism and Supremacism
Gender and Holiness
Media and Technology
Arts and Popular Cultures
Embodiment and Disability

Proposals may deal with any of the world religions and their written or oral scriptures, traditions and visions, as well as so-called secular texts (e.g., novels, poetry, arts) and political activism (e.g. climate warriors, occupy movements, hash tags, etc.).

Send proposals in MS word/doc format as attachment to cwmdare2020@gmail.com by 14 April and include the following:

Working title of presentation
Preferred “side”
Abstract (200-250 words)
Confirmation that paper has not been published
Name of presenter
Biodata (70-90 words)

Download concept note here.