Discernment and radical engagement (DARE) are at the heart of the mission that makes CWM what it is. Through DARE, CWM partners with committed and creative thinker-practitioners of our time, signaling to ourselves and to the world, that our loyalty is to the God of life who calls us to take on the life-giving mission for which Jesus lived and died. DARE also comes out of the conviction that another world is possible. Another world free from the politics of hate; ideologies of supremacy; enslavement to the imperial logic; a world in which ecology could heal; security of children is a priority; strangers welcome each other; movement of people is a right and freeing; the elderly are treated with compassion and care.

Creative interventions that lean toward interdisciplinary thinking pry open the windows of biblical and theological studies. For example, a trans-sectional study of world religions would i) identify and invite dialogue around shared teachings, values, rituals and commitments, as well as ii) points of differences, tensions and phobia.  All these different approaches enable the interweaving of texts, mediums, imaginations, ideologies, subjects, and more.

The scope of and our call for papers for the 2019 Forum is open, and is organised around, but not limited to these six streams: Earth; Class; Race/Caste; Gender; Occupation; and Artificial Intelligence. It will consider proposals that address any of the world religions and their written or oral scriptures, as well as so-called secular texts (novels, poetries, arts) and drives (social movements, climate warriors, etc.). Proposals that also flow into the mercurial spheres of the indigenous and sexual are encouraged.

Please send proposals in MS word/doc format as attachment to cwmdare2019@gmail.com by 31 December, 2018. Include the following:

  1. Preferred stream
  2. Working title of paper
  3. Abstract (200-250 words)
  4. Confirmation that paper has not been published
  5. Name of presenter f. Biodata (4-6 lines)

For more information about DARE 2019 and the call for papers, click here.