The Ruth narrative opens with a climate crisis – a famine pushed a family to migrate – and addresses some of the critical concerns for refugees: food, security, home, land, inheritance. Around those concerns, Losing Ground: Reading Ruth in the Pacific offers a collection of bible studies from the Pacific that interweave the climate pandemic with the interests and wisdoms of Pasifika natives.

Weaving Ruth’s story together with the stories of those who, as Pacific islanders on the frontline of a climate catastrophe, are forced to leave their homes because of rising sea levels, Pasifika bible scholar Jione Havea offers a powerful and potent contribution which refuses to pretend scripture can be read separately from the every day realities of a climate emergency.

Author’s bio

Jione Havea is a Methodist pastor from Tonga and research fellow with Trinity Methodist Theological College (Aotearoa / New Zealand) and with the Public and Contextual Theology research centre of Charles Sturt University (Australia). He is the author of numerous books, most recently Scripture and Resistance (Theology in the Age of Empire).

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