unnamed (1)The Worship and Discipleship workshop, ‘Beyond Ourselves’ sought to provide a space for the exploration of the inter-relationships between worship practice and discipleship formation. The workshop was for those involved with developing creative worship resources from within the member churches and involved practical sessions for participants to cooperate in developing creative resources for worship.

unnamedThe programme was broken down into three sections. Each section consisted of a presentation and a period of creative engagement with the theme, resulting in an innovative worship session using the materials produced.

Beyond Ourselves in Mission – led by Rev Lucy Brierley, explored ways in which missional congregations face outwards in mission and seek to be inclusive of others and demonstrate active engagement with their community.

Beyond Ourselves in Worship – led by Nicola Grieves, explored the relationship between mission and worship in the context of child-friendly worship. This is given expression in a radical hospitality and creative worship.

Beyond Ourselves in Discipleship – explored a missional spirituality that focusses on growing disciples who are committed to following Jesus. This session was led by Rev Mike Walsh and Rev Kate Gray who are pioneer ministers in Manchester and who are radically engaging with the local communities that they have been called to serve.

unnamed (2)Bible study underpinned the whole programme and considered the three topics above through the lens of a significant bible passage. The conversations entered into in these sessions gave root to the discussions and creative output of the rest of the programme.

The Worship and Discipleship Workshop was characterised by the participants’ creative engagement with the content of the programme and worship periods were in all cases challenging and innovative. CWM thanks all of the resource people and the planning group for their commitment to the delivery of this important conversation in the European context.

The Europe region hosted this workshop in Manchester, UK, from 30th November to 2nd December 2016.