Council for World Mission (CWM) is inviting member churches and partner organisations to apply for support through the Covid-19 Mission Initiatives Fund. These are days of clear missional challenge, as the first wave of Covid-19 has already upended and threatened all dimensions of economies, governments, corporations, communities and families.

Simultaneously, it has exposed the interconnectedness of all people, the foolishness of supremacist ideologies and prejudice hindering our relationships, and the systemic injustices underlying and heightening this Covid-19 crisis. Vulnerable communities including migrants, people of colour, people with disabilities bear the brunt of the pandemic. They are disproportionately affected by the virus, by government policies formulated to tackle the crisis, and are targeted for populist violence.

Church communities are not spared the challenges posed by the pandemic, be it discovering how to do and be the Church without physical gatherings for corporate worship, worsened by the loss of income from the weekly offertory.

All these communities are central to CWM’s vision of mission and the commitment we have to invite life flourishing communities. Thus, CWM is looking to assist and resource mission initiatives with grants up to SG$25,000* per member church or partner organisation.  We are keen to support projects working with those most affected by Covid-19 in your context or with developing innovative responses to the issues facing churches.

Project criteria:

Applications can be made for work that particularly focuses on enabling mission initiatives responding to areas such as:

  • The impact on vulnerable groups like minority ethnic communities, migrant workers, informal workers, people now unemployed etc
  • The need for advocacy for these vulnerable groups
  • The heightened incidences of domestic violence under the Covid-19 lockdowns
  • The need to support day labourers, non-union, informal and seasonal workers
  • The need to support health, social and home care workers
  • The challenge of being the church when buildings are closed and corporate worship and face to face work is not possible
  • And to areas distinct to the particular impact of Covid-19 in the context of the member church or partner.

For full details and to apply, please click here: