The World Council of Churches (WCC) and Council for World Mission (CWM) are organising a virtual ecumenical event “Anti-racist in Christ?” Ecumenical Christian Repentance, Reflection and Action on Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia from 14-17 June.

This conference is part of both organisations’ continual work and policies to confront racism and promote anti-racist action and policies among their members and partners. It consists of a series of daily webinars covering four topics:

  • Mon 14 June: Setting racism within its Colonial and Neo-Imperial context
  • Tues 15 June: Mission Agencies Legacies
  • Wed 16 June: Models for Anti-racist action for White and other dominant racial groups
  • Thurs 17 June: Anti-racist markers for churches

Designed to promote inclusivity, each webinar will be organised twice daily to involve all regions in the conversation. The morning webinars will involve speakers from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle-East and the Pacific, while the afternoon sessions will feature speakers from the Caribbean, Europe, North America, as well as Central and South America.

The event aims to help participants develop the foundation of an ecumenical anti-racist or racial justice network, while equipping them with tools to identify and develop theological reflections and resources for churches on antiracism.


Anti-Racism in Christ” Press Release