Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS) conducted a survey among 940 church members in July to better understand and address their concerns and needs during this stay-at-home period. A separate survey was administered for pastors about challenges they faced in their ministry work.

It was found that at least 700 church members attended in at least one online worship service every week. This was even though around 24% of all who were surveyed only took part once every few weeks. Reasons deterring them from online worship included poor video or audio quality (26%); inability to relate to the sermon message (22%); followed by technical problems and distractions such as having young children at home.

Majority (78.5%) of all who were surveyed participated in online cell group sessions, and nearly 30% in online theology-related seminars from May to July.

One of the greater concerns many pastors and church ministers may have would be that even when services fully resume, a good 44% would still prefer to decide whether to return to physical church services according to the situation. This also means churches may have to consider providing both physical and online worship services, even after the pandemic ends.