21- 28 August, 2015

From 21-28 August, eight representatives of CWM churches are gathering in Harare, Zimbabwe for a week long leaders training and debriefing session. The training is part of CWM’s Team Visit Programme – a multiyear programme of mutual learning, enabling the sharing of perspectives and approaches on developing missional congregations. This is being implemented through a series of Team Visits whereby groups of six people representing member churches from each CWM region visit another CWM member body to exchange ideas and insights, in line with CWM’s mission statement:

Called to partnership in Christ to mutually challenge, encourage and equip churches to share in God’s mission

This year’s training is being hosted by CWM Africa Region and the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa. Upcoming team leaders will be trained and oriented on the expectations and practicalities of the Programme. The third batch of team leaders are as follow:

  1. Llinos Mai Morris of the Presbyterian Church of Wales
  2. Barbara Bridges of the Congregational Federation
  3. David Coleman of the United Reformed Church
  4. Wellington Sibanda of the United Congregational Church in Southern Africa
  5. Aoga Kofe of the Ekalesia Kelisiano Tuvalu
  6. Katoangina Tenten of the Kiribati Uniting Church
  7. Juanita Inghams of the Congregational Union of New Zealand
  8. Asir Ebenezer David of the Church of South India

The second part of the training will be a debriefing session wherein last year’s batch of leaders will be debriefed by the participants, and be given an opportunity to reflect further on the experience and what they learnt from the churches they visited.

After which, each of them will be assigned to lead and facilitate a team visit to a member body in a different Region to their own and each team will be joined by five additional members coming from different CWM Regions.